Friday, December 18

Hundreds Gather to Protest Global Warming

Monday, November 30

Rescue of an Infant Boy from a Village in India

This video, of my friends in South India, describes the account of the rescue of a very sick village infant.  It's only 10 minutes long, so take a look.  To learn more about Body of Christ Ministries, see the link on the side bar.

Friday, November 27

BOOK REVIEW - Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana

Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana by Anne Rice

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Just as well done as the prequel. I was especially moved by Rice's perspective on Christ's 40 days in the wilderness where the devil tempted Him. These two books are well-worth reading!

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Thursday, November 12

BOOK REVIEW - Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt by Anne Rice

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Out of Egypt is one of those books that you can't get out of your mind when you're finished. The concept of writing a story about the Lord Jesus in first person is ambitious, to say the least - so I admire Rice's courage to move forward with such a challenging task. I'm glad I chose to read her personal notes (at the back of the book) first; it was helpful to understand how she came to write this novel, what her goal was, and that she was writing from a catholic framework. I felt humbled by the enormous amount of research that went into the writing of this book; Rice did not handle the subject flippantly, but considered it a sacred task to be treated with great care.

With that said, Out of Egypt is a tender, profound "what-might-have-happened" account of Jesus' childhood. Rice is clear that this is a work of fiction, so I was not offended by the liberties taken. It's the HEART of the book that is so profound: the consideration of Jesus' humanity, the incredible posture of TRUST of his family, the reverence for the presence of God at the temple in Jerusalem... the value of Out of Egypt is the potential it has to move its readers to WORSHIP. The truth of Jesus' fullness of both humanity and deity is clear. I closed the book with deep emotion, moved to tears at the remembrance of our Lord's great sacrifice - for us.

(Thank You Pastor Kevin for recommending this book!)

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Saturday, October 10

The Butterfly Circus - an amazing film of hope

Monday, September 28

Anniversary Flowers

We celebrated nine years of marriage on September 16th.  My anniversary flowers were way too gorgeous to not share with the blogosphere.  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 26

Worth the Wait

This blog has been neglected and for a good reason.  As we pursue adoption, a new blog has taken precedent.  Please click on the link on the right side bar and follow our journey to adoption.  The current season of our life will be chronicled there.  Thank you for your prayers!
Postings to this blog will be occasional... for now.

Wednesday, September 9

A Day at the Fair

We joined our friends for a day at the fair.  It was the last day and the white-haired attendants must have been feeling generous because they let us all in on a Family Pass - 4 adults & 3 kids & 1 infant.  Cool!  I told them if I'm going to be a kid for the day, I want my turn in the stroller, but that never happened.  Oh well.  :)  We had fun for several hours - pony rides for the kids, paint ball, baseball throwing for the men, logger show, and food until...  the rain hit while we watched the pig races (which are really humorous, by the way).  We tried to retreat to the barns and continue enjoying the day but we were all just too wet, cold, and miserable.  The kids were troopers - and the adults too.  We still had a 2 block walk to the cars and the rain never let up.  Once I got home, it took awhile to get warmed up.  What a memorable day!  We love our friends!  And we love being Uncle John and Aunt Rach.

Saturday, September 5

Birthday Books

After dinner at Claimjumper restaurant, where I indulged in Macadamia Nut Crusted Halibut with basmati rice & steamed asparagus, my in-laws gave me 3 books from my wish list.  One can never own too many books! Click on any image for a summary.
Ruthless Trust: The Ragamuffin's Path to God Miracles The Joyful Christian

Wednesday, August 26

Best Laid Plans...

Passports in hand and GPS charged up, we had great plans to take a drive to Vancouver, B.C.  We wanted to eat at a Greek Restaurant we enjoyed about eight years ago and then walk at Stanley Park. 

The best laid plans of mice and men however... stopping for gas after a Dr. appt, the car would not start.  The short version of the story is that we ended up having a new starter put in it right there at the station where it gave up the ghost.  The Starbucks across the street gave us a place to hang out for an hour & a fellow-customer gave us the thumbs up for George the mechanic. 
Undaunted by our little (albeit expensive) interruption, we turned our sights toward Seattle instead.  Lunch at our favorite restaurant, Costas Opa in Fremont, was a fine substitute for Stephos in Vancouver.  And Discovery Park was a beautiful substitute for Stanley Park.  The weather was fabulous today and we enjoyed our date day together.  Hold your plans loosely!
Enjoying the view of Elliot Bay.
God made this chair.
Finding humor in stupid people that ignore important signs.

Thursday, August 6

New Background

I've been on the search for the perfect background: simple, black/white, with a touch of red and a small touch of flair... and I've finally found it! The only problem is that on my laptop it looks great - there is a black/white checkerboard on the edges that looks really classy with the thin line of red and the single red daisy. When I view this blog on my desktop though, that has a nearly perfectly square monitor, I cannot see the checkerboard nor the red line. That's disappointing, but I'm going to keep it anyway. So, if you have a nearly square monitor, you're missing out! :) Oh well. Hopefully the content will keep you coming back.

Wednesday, August 5

Tis the Season for... Blueberries!

My parents only have one blueberry bush, but it is large and heavily laden. We were given the go-ahead to pick as many as we wanted and so we did. Cleaning them is kind of tedious, but so worth the effort. I'm freezing most of them to consume at our leisure. Blueberry bread, blueberry pie, blueberry pancakes, blueberries alone - anyway you eat them, they're delicious and packed with antioxidant power. Yum!

Tuesday, August 4


This devotional is posted from my friend's blog, A Frog in my Soup. (She is a wife and mother of 6 boys.) It ministered to me today as I could relate on both the practical and the spiritual level, so I thought I would re-post it here.

This weekend as my husband (aka. the Frog Prince) and sons were working on the lawn, I noticed that they weren't mowing any grass, all there was to be mowed was weeds, the grass had practically stopped growing.
No, I'm not going to talk about the intricate ins and outs of lawn care; we have too much yard to keep it watered. But in that moment I had a bit of an epiphany...
Granted, some of you will think..."Well, Duh!" but for me, it was one of those moments that had me thinking for the rest of the weekend. The crazy thing is that it truly is a simple concept.
When it's dry, the good stuff can't grow and the weeds set in. I'm talking about our spiritual life here though. I'm not the kind of person that is going to prescribe a certain regimen for you to follow in order be a "successful Christian", but I have discovered that if things are dry in my walk with God, that's when the weeds start sprouting up.
My weeds tend to resemble discontentment, frustration, get the picture (and it really isn't pretty). He turned the desert into pools of water and the parched ground into flowing springs; (Psalm 107:35 NIV) I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land. Selah (Psalm 143:6 NIV)
There's a reason we hunger and thirst for Him...only He can quench our thirst and "turn parched ground into flowing springs"! Seek Him, spend just a few moments with God each day and watch the weeds get replaced with lush green gardens!

Wednesday, July 29

Temperature Wars

How to properly place your outdoor thermometer First Alert Weather Seattle News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather
As we endure a Heat Wave here in Washington State, our conversations resemble a competition of temperature status. Those who live in states where summer temperatures routinely soar above 90 degrees cannot understand our intrigue. Most of us do not have AC in our homes and therefore struggle to find refuge from the heat. I thought this King5 article regarding proper thermometer placement was interesting. If we're going to have this friendly competition, let's be fair about it. As for me, I left my house an hour ago at 11am, fleeing an indoor temperature of 85F and an outdoor temp of 91F - and rising. I'm taking refuge in the library, thoroughly enjoying the human refrigeration. When I return home... well, let's just say, I may be sleeping outside tonight.

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Tuesday, July 14

It's a New Season

July 12th was a monumental day for our congregation. We officially received Pastor Dustin & Misty and team from CCK to join us at CCM. Pastor Dustin will function as Associate Pastor until December when he will be installed as our Senior Pastor. Pastor Michael will continue to function as an integral part of our pastoral/eldership team. Truly - Together, We're Better! We have so much anticipation for the future. (Thank you to Hayley H for the pictures below - that I "stole" from FB.)

(my incredible Dad... and our elder)

With laid down lives, you’ve dared to dream big.
With eyes cast heavenward and open palms before Him,
You’ve declared in your hearts, “Lord, Your will is my desire.”

A city and a people have been prepared to receive you.
The foundations have been laid.
Now it’s time to demonstrate the vision.
For the King! For the Kingdom!

A new season.
A sovereign joining.
Two distinct groups becoming one destined team.
We’re “Doing life” - Together.

Together, we are going deep.
Like David, the one thing we seek
Is His face, His presence.
We are His bride, drowning in His love.

Together, we are stretching wide,
Reaching out with our lives
While the city waits for our incarnation
That they might see Jesus.

We’re a people of prayer, a people of faith.
Stepping out with anticipation and sowing to expectation,
Multiplied power by being together,
We’re believing for pervasive transformation.
(poem read to welcome the newest members of our CCM family!)

Thursday, July 2

Words for Every Writer to Ponder

A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word to paper. - E.B. White

Monday, June 29

Holiday by the Sea

We just returned from a wonderful week on the Oregon Coast: 5 nights at a B&B in Yachats (pop.600) and 2 nights in Seaside (at an Inn on the North Promenade). We couldn't have asked for better accomodations and weather to get some much needed R&R. It was heavenly! John is back to work now, teaching summer school and I'm about to dive into some home projects. Summer in the Northwest is the best!
Waterfront Depot Restaurant in Old Town Florence. So delicious we went there twice!
On a windy, high-tide evening. Don't jump John!

Yep - it's windy. We got wet taking this pic. Yachat's 804 Trail that follows the coastline for miles.

Cape Perpetua Lookout - the highest point on the Oregon Coast.

Giant Spruce Trail at Cape Perpetua State Park.

One of many beautiful sunsets as seen from our private balcony.

Minus-Tide exploration. We saw thousands of starfish and sea anemones. (Lowest tide in ten years.)

Picturesque, yes? This is just yards from our back door.

Last 2 nights in Seaside. I got a new hat, too!

Snapshot of our trip in words: sunsets, delicious food, quality time together, books, Mariner games (this is a treat for John because we don't have tv at home), hiking at Cape Perpetua, whale sightings, bald eagle sightings, tide pool exploration, walks on the beach, walks on the promenade, naps in the zero-gravity chairs, a bit of shopping (new hat for me, new running shoes for both of us - Nike outlet, no tax!), AND rest and rejuvenation that only the sights, smells, and sounds of the ocean can provide! We are so thankful for the Lord's provision to be able to have such an amazing time.

Saturday, June 20

Chosen Leisure Material

Chosen Leisure Material: Bible & Journal, World Magazines, iPod, All Creatures Great and Small DVD, Books - biography, novel, didactic. Anti-Gravity chairs are packed and we're ready for the oceanview!

Together We're Better, Part II

On June 11th, we had our 2nd "Together We're Better" Meeting. We were privileged to hear from Pastors Michael, Dustin, and Norm. We are so rich! Here are the points that ReSoNated in me:

Pastor Michael

4 Things that get the world's attention:

1. good works (definition - deeds done in love that meet pressing needs)
2. loving one another
3. unity (one mind, one vision, one heart - holy emotion together around the things of God)
4. fragrance of Christ - His likeness, His character

Pastor Dustin
~ There's a power released when the generations are joined. This is a time when both sets of hands are on the baton at the same time.
~ The Lord wants us to be a mile wide AND a mile deep, stewarding all that our grandfathers have formulated. We have to be just as passionate about what our grandfathers have formulated as we are about what we're called to formulate.
~ The double portion is not an entitlement - it's what we NEED to accomplish all we're called to.
~ The prerequisite for fruitfulness is intimacy - both individually and corporately.
~ Our VISION = to be totally IN the world (in the community) and to be totally NOT of the world (we need to shore up our foundations)
~ We're never beyond the fundamentals.

Pastor Norm - "WE-ology"
~ Community is not an entitlement; it's a necessity. Independence will kill you and isolation will cut you off. Life flows through the connection of the body. In community is abundance, the fountain of life, the outworking of the supernatural.
~ Man was created with a connection requirement. Humanism starts with me and seldom gets any further. A Kingdom mindset starts with HE - goes to WE - and eventually benefits me. When I "get into WE," I get all I'm called to.
~ A South African saying, "A person can only be a person through others."

Friday, June 5

Together We're Better

Pastor Michael & Yvonne are passing the baton to a son & daughter of the house: Pastor Dustin and Misty. We are living in an exciting time of transition and joining, as two tight-knit groups become ONE. Last night, the transition officially began with our first "Apostolic Foundation Meeting" - a day I have been anxiously waiting for. It's hard to put into words what I am feeling and what I sense the Holy Spirit is doing. I just know that it's BIG and all I can think to say is, "Wow!" It is such a privilege to be a part of what God is doing in our city through this incredible group of people He has joined me with.

My 3 favorite quotes (not word for word) from Pastor Dustin at last night's meeting:

Faith is a mentality that says, "There is no obstacle that can get in God's way."

God is a dreamer and He is "unreasonable" sometimes. Our vision (and our building) is too small for God's dreams.

The glory of the gospel is that when the church is radically different from the world, she invariably attracts it.

As my husband might say - Fasten your seat belts, we're about to jump it off the deck and shove it into overdrive!

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